Professional Email Hosting
Rhizon provides professional-quality email hosting to individuals and corporations.
Our personal, individual support helps ensure that your experience with us starts on the right foot. Our professionals understand your needs, and work with you to set up a solution that meets your individual requirements.
Professional and experienced IT have worked to create a truly secure solution so you don't have to worry! Multiple decades of experience have gone into the setup of our servers, and are available to help you connect to our services.
No more! Our email addresses professionaly identify you or your business -- with our individualized service, you aren't competeing with hordes of other unrelated persons vying for your personal brand.
Confidentiality is one of our most important attributes. We ensure that your identity remains private, known only to those with whom you choose to share it. We guarantee that we will not sell or distribute your information to third parties, and we work hard to make sure you are in control of your information.
Rhizon is a private service, by invitation only.